Many Point - dates for our Troop in 2024 are Sunday July 28th - Saturday August 3rd

Much more information can be found here:

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Key Dates and Time Frames:

April 1st: Older Scout Program Registration Opens – please let us know BEFORE this date if your Scout wants to sign up for Older Scout Programs (more info is below)

April 15th: We owe a head count and a $50 Deposit Due for every youth participant 

April 16thOlder Scout Program Requests become first come, first served

June 1st: Deadline for signup. The Troop must pay the balance owed by this date

Parents - consider attending as well! We will also need drivers to/from camp

June 1st: Deadline for signup. The Troop must pay the balance owed by this date

Mid July - Please send completed/signed Physical Forms and necessary Permission Slips to an Adult Leader no later than mid-July – you can either scan and email them or give them hard copies – more info below

By Late July – work with Adult Leaders on which Merit Badges you'd like to take (or First Class Adventure)We'll have copies of the Advancement Planning Sheet at upcoming Troop Meetings and will help the boys decide what to sign up for – more info below

7/28 – 8/3 – Camp Dates – Parents: please consider helping to drive there or back. Also feel free to come for the week or even part of the week if you’d like. If you can’t fully escape work, the main Admin Building has WiFi – parents have successfully been able to work from Many Point for the past several years.

2024 CAMP FEES (approximate) 
Scout $375 (the Troop typically covers $100 of this expense)
Adult Leader $135 (the Troop typically covers this expense)

Camp Physicals

Physicals are required each year for both Scouts and parents who will be staying at least one night, so think about scheduling them sooner rather than later. The signed physical form MUST be dated August 6, 2023 or later, and MUST be on the official BSA form found here:

Everyone staying less than 72 hours must have this physical form completed:

Everyone staying more than 72 hours must have this physical form completed:

Various Permission Slips

Shooting Sports Form - Required for Rifle, Shotgun and Archery Ranges; form is found here (all Scouts should have this completed and signed):

ATV Release Form (mostly pertains to older Scouts) - Anybody planning to ride All-Terrain Vehicles at Many Point – through High Adventure or otherwise – will need to complete the form here:

PWC Release Form (mostly pertains to older Scouts) - - Anybody planning to ride Personal Watercraft at Many Point – through High Adventure or otherwise – will need to complete the form here:

Programs and Advancement

New/Newer Scouts

New Scouts generally sign up for First Class Adventure, works toward many of the requirements in Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. More info on this great program can be found here:

Merit Badges

More than 50 Merit Badges are offered at camp. Classes are held between breakfast and lunch and at other times as arranged. You can see which Merit Badges are being offered this year (subject to change) below:

Scouts should focus on taking Merit Badges at Many Point, but there are some Older Scout Programs available for Scouts going into 8th grade or older

Tier 1 programs are a single day or overnight adventure. Each day, a different group of Scouts will be doing these programs. For example, if you sign up for an ATV session, you will be doing it for one afternoon. Then, a different group will be on the ATVs the next day. Scouts submit their preferences for these programs and Many Point then assigns what times these programs will be taken. Your Scouts will learn which programs they were placed in when they arrive to camp on Sunday. An additional fee may apply.

  • 5 Stand
  • ATV
  • Big Boat Sailing*
  • Mountain Bike Trek
  • Fishing Outpost*
  • Huck Finn Overnight*
  • Tree House Overnight
  • Water Skiing*

*Scout must be a swimmer to participate

Tier 2 programs are programs that older Scouts will do for multiple days during their week. Registration for these programs opens April 1st and closes April 14th. Many Point then place Scouts into these programs on April 15. Afterwards, these programs become first come, first served. An additional fee may apply.

  • Old Scout Adventure Blast*
  • Mountain Bike Outpost
  • Water Sports Outpost*

*Scout must be a swimmer to participate

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