Packing List

TROOP 547 Weekend Camping Packing List
As a precaution, we recommend you pack all clothes in large zip-lock bags in case it rains. Some scouts will put together an outfit for each day – lay out your pants, place your shirt, underwear and socks in it and roll it up tightly. Place in a large zip-lock storage bag. Each day, simply pull out one bag.

Personal Clothing Items:
◻ Scout Uniform (minimum Class A shirt)
◻ 2 Shirts (long or short sleeve)
◻ 2 Pants (long or short)
◻ 2 Pair Socks
◻ 2 Pair Underwear
◻ 1 Sweatshirt
◻ Stocking hat (for outside and/or for tent sleeping on cold nights)
◻ Mittens or gloves
◻ Winter or warm jacket
◻ Snow pants
◻ Boots, type per the weather and/or activity
◻ Sleepwear (1 pair shorts or long pants)
◻ Swim Suit and Beach Towel (if applicable)
◻ Shoes (Other than sandals)
◻ Crocs or water/beach shoes

Camping Gear:
◻ ◻ Sleeping Bag
◻ Sleeping Pad
◻ Pillow
◻ Flashlight with fresh batteries
◻ Water Bottle or Hydration Pack
◻ Mess kit or covered plate (not for Many Point)
◻ Silverware (not for Many Point)
◻ Cup (not for Many Point)
◻ Sunscreen (Not aerosol)
◻ Insect Repellent (Not aerosol)
◻ Rain Gear (Yes, it likely will rain… be prepared!)
◻ Cap or hat optional
◻ Notebook and Pen or Pencil
◻ Scout Handbook (and any required fees & materials)

Personal Hygiene Items:
◻ Toothpaste and Toothbrush
◻ Soap & Wash Cloth
◻ Shampoo
◻ Towel
◻ Hair Brush or Comb
◻ Deodorant
◻ Contact lenses/solution/case, Eyeglasses

Optional Gear:
◻ Compass
◻ Pocket knife
◻ Book to read